This is my CV and Credit list as of February 2018

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Phillip Marriott

murder in paradise

Avid Offline. Series examining stories of people who boarded a flight, heading off on their dream holiday, but ended up tragically murdered whilst abroad.

1 x 60' and Additional Editing across series, Documentary, Rumpus Media / Channel 5


My Wonderful Life

Avid Offline. Series that gives people who are dying the opportunity to take control over how they say goodbye to family, friends and others who have touched their lives in a unique and special way.

1 x 60' Factual Entertainment, Chalkboard TV / Sky One


homestead rescue series 2

Avid Offline. This home improvement show with a simple living twist sees people that are becoming overwhelmed with the experience of living off grid receive some expert help.

1 x 60' and Finishing Suite, Factual Entertainment, Raw / Discovery



Avid Offline (additional editing). Professor Green sets out to uncover what life is like for young people living on the breadline today.

1 x 60' Documentary, The Garden / BBC Three


The force: inside the major crime unit

Avid Offline (additional editing). A series that follows the Lancashire detectives that investigate some of the most serious crimes in the UK today.

1 x 60' Documentary, Raw Cut / ITV


Tattoo Fixers ON HOLIDAY

Avid Offline. The talented team of tattoo artists head out to the scene of the crime, as they fix the holiday tattoos from hell, out of a pop up parlour in the sunny Mediterranean.

1 x 60' and VT's across the series, Factual, Studio Lambert / E4


Police interceptors: smash & grab

Avid Offline. Presenter led special that sees Rick Edwards & Ortis Deley examine the tactics used to fight theft in the UK.

1 x 60' Observational Documentary, Raw Cut / Five


police inteceptors series 7, 8 & 12

Avid Offline. Fast turnaround documentary series following the action-packed lives of the country's police interception unit.

60' Observational Documentary, Raw Cut / Five


Britain's Busiest Motorway

Avid Offline. Series that goes behind the scenes of one of the busiest stretches of motorway in Britain, the M25.

2 x 30' Observational Documentary, The Garden Productions / ITV1


X Factor 2016

Avid Offline. Wannabe pop stars battle it out in the nation's favourite talent search.

60' Reality Entertainment Series, Talkback Thames / Syco / ITV1


we have been watching

Avid Offline. A celebration of classic comedy with an added layer, as comedians partner up in their front rooms to watch the greats.

60' Comedy Entertainment Series, Crook Productions / GOLD


my big fat american gypsy wedding

Avid Offline of one episode, additional editing of two episodes. A look inside the hidden world of American Gypsies, using their extravagant wedding celebrations to reveal a group of people who live alongside but free from mainstream society.

3 x 60' Observational Documentary, Firecracker Films / TLC


undercover: the big sting

Avid Offline (additional editing). Crime investigation led by Paul Connelly, as he goes undercover challenging the criminals on their doorsteps.

1 x 60' Documentary, ITN Productions / Channel 5


britain's got talent 2016

Avid Offline. Reality series where competitors battle it out for a chance to perform at the Royal Variety Show.

VT Inserts, Reality Entertainment Series, Talkback Thames / Syco / ITV1


Car wars

Avid Offline. An in depth look at the workings of a police traffic crime unit in Northumberland.

1 x 60' Observational Documentary, ITV / ITV1


tribal teens: here comes trouble

Avid Offline (fine cutting and restructuring). Britain's most troublesome teenagers get the wakeup call of a lifetime as they are challenged to live with some of the planet's toughest tribes.

2 x 60' Documentary, Channel 5


shock docs: 'my mum's hotter than me!' & 'Britain's pushiest parents'

Avid Offline. Series exploring Britain's most bizarre parent-child relationships.

2 x 60' Documentary, Channel 5 / 5*


secret dates

Avid Offline. Dating show where friends set their single mates up on a blind date, which is secretly filmed.

1 x 60' Light Entertainment Pilot, Crook Productions / ITV2


car crash couples

Avid Offline. A dating show with a difference as four couples test their driving and their relationship skills as they drive accross Europe.

2 x 60' Reality Entertainment, Channel 5 / MTV


X Factor 2015

Avid Offline. Wannabe pop stars battle it out in the nation's favourite talent search.

60' Reality Entertainment Series, Talkback Thames / Syco / ITV1


Honey i bought the house

Avid Offline. A couple are handed a £15,000 deposit to help them onto the property ladder but there's a catch, one partner alone has to find and make an offer on a property in just three weeks, while the other has no say whatsoever.

1 x 60' Factual Entertainment, Objective / Crook Productions / Watch


tattoo disasters uk

Avid Offline. Horror stories behind people's disastrous tattoos from hilarious to disturbing, and their attempts to fix them.

6 x 30' Observational Documentary, Five


Britain's horror homes

Avid Offline (additional editing). Horror stories from people who thought they were getting the home of their dreams, only it turned out to be a nightmare.

1 x 60' Documentary, Crackit Productions / Five


science of stupid series 2

Avid Offline. Show combining cold hard science with some of the craziest, most spectacular and painful user generated clips ever.

30' Factual Entertainment Series, IWC Media / Nat Geo


storage: flog the lot

Avid Offline. Series following professional dealers bidding at auction for mystery items.

60' Factual Entertainment Series, RDF Television / Channel 5


Autopsy: The Hours of... 'karen carpenter'

Avid Offline (fine cutting and restructuring). Forensic pathologist Dr. Richard Shepherd uses the official autopsy report to re-examine the tragic death of singer Karen Carpenter. 

1 x 60' Documentary, ITV / Channel 5


Building the world cup

Avid Offline (fine cutting). Behind-the-scenes of one of Brazil's biggest engineeering projects: the creation of three state-of-the-art football stadiums capable of hosting international soccer at the highest level..

1 x 60' Documentary, Blink Films / Discovery


The big reunion series 1 & 2

Avid Offline (four episodes of series 1, additional editing of series 2). This sseries follows bands reunited for the first times since they split. For some it's the chance to relive the dream, for others it may open old wounds as they prepare to face demons they thought they had buried forever. 

60' Observational Documentary & Entertainment Series, ITV / ITV2

NOMINEE: Broadcast Awards 2014 - Best Entertainment Programme

NOMINEE: BAFTA Television Awards 2014 - Reality & Constructed Factual


Wheeler dealers series 9 & 11

Avid Offline. Buying, restoring and selling on classic motors with presenters Mike Brewer and Edd China..

60' Factual Entertainment, Attaboy / Discovery


classic car rescue

Avid Offline. Bernie Fineman and Mario Pacione restore shameful rust buckets to the former 'classic car' glory.

5 x 60' Factual Entertainment, Blink Films / Discovery / Five


OTHER CREDITS - for further details please ask using the contact page

  • Taster Tapes for Development, various companies including, Monkey Kingdom, Lime Pictures & Crook Productions
  • Laverstoke - Construction Documentary, Renegade / National Geographic
  • Strippers: Cars for Cash, Factual Entertainment, Attaboy / National Geographic
  • Driving Wars, Entertainment, Blink Films / Dave
  • Carpool, Factual Entertainment, RDF Contact / Dave